The Writing

My art is cut from my novels and short stories. Mostly I use my rough drafts and the images are not clearly tied to the text. I like cutting through paper and darkening the paper with ink. The process helps me edit the actual stories. If I can slice my own writing up with real scissors, I ought to be able to probably edit and kill my darlings–as the expression goes. In the meantime, I’m sending stories out to journals and agents.

And one story was published in the lovely literary journal–Cabinet des Fees. A published story! Maybe I should stop cutting that one into pieces?

Another tiny story was published over at 50 to 1. That story started out at about 80 words and I cut it down to 50.

Now I am also part of a publishing venture called Plum Tree Books. Take a look. They use my art.


Thank you always for stopping by.