What I Used to Do

Before I cut up my novel to make art, I spent hours trying to perfect my use of the ruler and the pen.

The Rabbits Who Thought They Were Fish

I hid the babies in my closet. There were three–baby rabbits that fit in the palm of my hand. The stray cat that had taken to sleeping in our carport had killed their… Continue reading

Art Every Day

There is this thing called Art Every Day. I don’t think it really takes place in September, but a group of artists friends and I are doing it now anyway. Since I’m also… Continue reading

The Trees

I’m trying a new kind of tree. And also a new rabbit made of words. These are framed in simple black–6×11 1/2″. They will probably be up in IF+D in October–as part of… Continue reading

A Gift

My novel and my art together as a handmade book. This book is a gift and the entire process of making the book is documented over on facebook.

A House Sliding Down in the Rain

I keep imagining that there is a boulder ready to chase the house down the hillside. But that doesn’t mean that it will.

Rabbits in Blue

Right now I am focusing on smaller pieces. The 5×5″ format seems to work well for certain images and seems to fit my mood as well.

The Bookish Mermaid

Cut from a scene in Drowning Karma. Our heroine and her family visit a house that is nothing like it was the day before when our heroine made a wish that came true.

Rabbit Goes Blue

Cut from a funeral scene. At her father’s graveside our heroine fights with her mother.

New with Color

A scene cut from my new novel Drowning Karma in which our heroine is forced to have a birthday party she doesn’t want. A scene cut from Drowning Karma where a young man… Continue reading