Buy a little darkness.

When it comes to blogging, I tend to focus more on writing in the water. New Year’s resolutions don’t much interest me these days, but if I’ve got to have one, then finding… Continue reading

Christmas is coming. The rabbit’s getting fat.

Christmas is coming and I’m declaring it a very bunny Christmas. I’ve got two cards. The art is printed from an original work and then hand-colored in–which each one will be slightly different.… Continue reading

Art Can Go Anywhere

Trying to see other projects for my work. This tree might become a lid for a box. I’m also thinking of cubes…

Fun at Joe’s

Starting NaNoWriMo off with art. This evening the family, friends, and students came to Genuine Joe’s here in Austin to take a look at my art cut from previous novels. A piece was… Continue reading

NaNoWriMo and Genuine Joe

Tomorrow night is a fantastical art show at Genuine Joe’s Coffee House here in Austin. My fellow artist/writer friend, Emily, and I are having a show from October 20 through to November 19th.… Continue reading

The Haunted House

Trying out a new kind of sky with a cemetery underneath. Because of its long shape (6×22″), this was difficult to scan. I had to scan it in two parts and then stitch… Continue reading

Rabbits Can Swim

Some of my work is too long to scan. The software program I have to stitch images together can’t always read the picture. The scan of this made the bottom half of a… Continue reading

Back at Joe’s!

My art is now up at Genuine Joe’s. This is a last minute sort of show. They called and asked me to fill in for someone else who was unable to put up… Continue reading

The Plan (as of today)

I’m working on new pieces. On October 16th I’ll be taking down many of the pieces up at IF+D and giving Kristen the new work. The older pieces are going to go up… Continue reading

Something a little different…

This uses my novel too, but the difference here is pencil and swirls in the sky.