Red pops.

I thought I’d try a little bit of color.

Get Art!

I’m making tiny art–about 4×4″ (unframed). Tiny bunnies, castles, and dragonflies. You can buy one for any amount you wish. You decide the price. $5. or $5 mill. (just a guide!). You see,… Continue reading

New Words for the Grown-Up Novel

I’ve been working on another novel in between rabbit stories and art. This novel is called Drowning Karma and I’ve posted the first chapter over at the fiction blog–Lake Belle. I’ll start making… Continue reading

Small Works Best

This little house picture is 5×5. I’ve done large pieces, but I like my small pieces best. Something about the words and black lines in a confined space give it a darker feel.… Continue reading

Christmas at IF+D

Stopping by where my art is sold. Such a great place to give a new artist a chance!

Ink & Mirabelle: A Story in Progress

Christmas Bunnies Dream

A friend commissioned me to make ornaments for her daughters. She wanted them to be different enough to tell them apart but similar enough so that the girls wouldn’t fight over them. Whew.… Continue reading

Just So You Know

All the words I use in my art come from somewhere. Here. Here are seven novels I’ve written. Think of all the art! Oh. And ignore the bodies.

Save an Artist (buy art)

7×15″ framed (pictured above)/$200. 21×21″ framed (pictured above)/$285. 9×9″ framed (pictured above)/$125. 5×7″ framed (pictured above)/$65. 9×12″ framed (pictured above)/$130. SOLD 9×9″ framed (pictured above)/$150. All the titles are taken from text in… Continue reading

Working Artist

A few days next week (at least on Monday!), I’ll be making art at IF+D. Feels weird to sit in a public space and make art (what if someone sees me screw up?),… Continue reading