The art is in the music.

John Zainea lives all the way up there in Michigan, and he found my art anyway. He asked me to do a few pieces for his CD using his lyrics and his notes.… Continue reading

Breaking Art

Well, not really. I’m taking an art break. Except for a few commissioned pieces, I’m going to focus on the writing for the next month. I’m writing a story a day for the… Continue reading

Mama Bunny Art Sale.

My bunny is a mama. Sort of. Well, how about art for mother’s day? I’ve got a sale for facebook friends. Click to the group for more info.

The Art of the Deal. The Deal of the Art.

Here’s the deal. I’m in the process of making art for Art City Austin. Many friends and fans won’t be able to make the festival, but I’ve got this idea. Let me know… Continue reading


While I’m not sure what to do with these colorized versions of my work, I like being able to have colors to fit my mood.

The thing is

if I make or alter my art digitally, then what do I do with it?

playing around

My real work looks like the piece above. But then there is this unreal piece below. I’ve got Photoshop and am not sure what to do with it when it comes to my… Continue reading

Everything changes.

Tomorrow is when everything changes. Well, my life takes a turn anyway. This week was disrupted by new carpet. My work space was taken away. But now my table, desk, laptop, and supplies… Continue reading

The Sound of Publication

This is a promising new magazine and I was lucky enough to have my chosen to grace a few pages. Take a look at Onomatopoeia Magazine, and you can find them on Facebook,… Continue reading

Remembering I’m Here

I don’t know why I haven’t posted new work here. I’ve been making new pieces. Maybe it is the energy it takes to write and create and go live real life with housework… Continue reading