The State of Art Right Now

I’m working on illustrating a book for a children’s author, and I’m preparing for a show in October. And I’m writing, teaching, parenting…

Aren’t you busy? Isn’t everyone? Seems even silly to say so.

Hopefully we can all keep up with what we need to do and what we want to do.

Drink more coffee.


Actually, I have no plans for art in March. Perhaps in April, my friend Emily and I might have a show. Otherwise, I’m trying to work on my blogging…

It is hard to know what to say about art. If a picture really paints a thousand words, writing about seems redundant.


A New Year should mean new art. Sure. And I’ll make some. Tedious technical difficulties are creating problems with sharing, but, you know, art can be made anyway.

Right now, my art is on display at Genuine Joe Coffee House and will be up until February 19th. After that, I have no idea. IF+D is experiencing problems of its own–its location up in the air–so my work may be in my living room more than in any other room in these parts.

Ah, well, it is a new year and anything can happen.

It is time to think about witches and the time they like to fly. Or, as the case may be, swing on the moon.

The August Art is over (burned away in the heat), but soon there will be witches. Witches for sale! I like the sound of that.


The gift season is coming. Do you know what you’re buying yet?

I’ll write a story for that particular someone and I’ll use it in a work of art. You tell me what kind of story you’d like (sweet, haunted, mysterious, action, romantic, whimsical, dark, something else). Give me names to use if you like. Choose a setting too. Fiction or non-fiction? Want something specific to happen or will you leave it up to me?

I’ll write a short story. Then I’ll cut it up and make a picture. You get both.

For a short story and tiny art–$50 (approx.5×5″). The art will be unframed and that doesn’t include shipping. You can order bigger art if you like, of course.

August only prices. Approx. 9×9″ for $100. Approx. 20×20″ for $200.

Order in time for the big day.

You don’t have to pay until you see the story draft and decide if the project works for you. And you can pay through Paypal or by check.

Here are the steps.
1. Let me know you’re interested.
2. I’ll send you questions about the type of story & art you want.
3. You answer the questions as best you can.
4. I’ll write a rough draft and send it to you.
5. You decide if the story is right for you, send me any notes about changes you want and pay the amount we’ve agreed on (see prices above).
6. I’ll polish off the story and start the art.
7. I’ll send to art directly to you or to the person you want it sent to. (For a few dollars more, I’ll gift wrap the art.)
8. I’ll include a note explaining the piece.
9. Everyone is happy!

Thank you, and please pass the word along.



John Zainea’s CD is out in the world with my art on the cover.

the cover

I am super happy with the results!

May was a-story-day month. I decided to a write fairy tales. When the stories are edited, I’ll turn them into a curtain of art. We’ll see how that goes.

What happens next remains to be seen…


Art City Austin is over. If my camera hadn’t broken, I’d have pictures. But at least there is the art. The festival was a success. No one said anything one mean thing! Hurray. With any luck I’ll be there next year too.

I’m waiting for John Zainea’s CD to come out. He commissioned me to do the cover using his own lyrics and notes. I agreed to work with him because I liked the songs he sent me and he sent me a well-written, polite, grammatically correct e-mail. You may think I’m kidding, but no. I’m not. And I can’t wait to see the final product.

If you are a facebook fan, I’ve got a mama’s day sale. Go look if you’re shopping for Mother’s Day.

And finally, I’m putting together a handmade book of a short story about a mermaid 20 years after she gave up the ocean and married the man of her dreams. It should be down at IF+D soon.

Hope you’re enjoying spring!


From March

This month I’ve got to get ready for the festival. And my work is in the debut issue of Onomatopoeia Magazine. We’ll see what happens next.

Now go support an artist.