About This Artist

I’m an artist and a writer in Austin. For a long time I felt I had to choose between the two vocations, but I went back and forth between them–doodling pictures in the margins of manuscripts and imagining stories to go with my sketches. When with a story, I thought about an unfinished picture. When with the unfinished picture, I thought of the characters in the story. Eventually I decided to be true to the writing and to keep art on the side, a secret known only to a few.

A couple of years ago I started a blog for my characters. They spoke to each other through the blog, and when National Novel Writing Month arrived, I used them in my novel. One day I looked at the stack of printed pages and wondered what to do with all that paper. Five novels and all their rough drafts had left me with a lot of paper. That night I imagined a row of houses made of words, and that’s when the art and the words finally came together. We are now a happy threesome.

rabbit panorama

All the stories take place in the fictional town of Lake Belle. The stories are a mix of literary fiction and contemporary fantasy, and they are influenced by stories like David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Bonnie Jones Reynolds’s The Confetti Man. In Jones’s novel a young woman becomes obsessed with paper and spends hours of every day pasting pictures together to create collages. I read this as a teenager and never shook that image of the slightly mad woman making art no matter the cost. This is probably also why a bit of madness appears in the novels.

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writing for art

P.S. If you want to know why bunnies (other than I love Watership Down), go here.