Ink and Hope

I gave this up. Well, no. Not really. Really giving up would be deleting it. But I didn’t.

So, I’m going to start again. What is America but a land of start-again?

And to start, art. Here is some of the art I have for sale these days. Partly for sale, and partly available to win. Why? Because art needs to go out in the world, not stare at me all day.

Now, You. Care to participate?

Write something. Or create something.

Choose a picture and write a story or a response. Make my art and your imagination a conversation. The best one–or what I should say is, the one that moves me the most, that connects–will win the art they chose. Yes, I’ll send it to you.

Deadline? The morning after the Solstice. June 22nd to be exact. Length? Well, don’t send a novel. Otherwise, I don’t care if you say what you want to say.

Post your your story or poem or letter or essay here–make it clear which scene you’ve chosen–or send your work to me, Marta, at mapelba (at) gmail (dot) com.

The judges will be me…and probably my husband (though I haven’t asked him yet).

Go write.

Make something.

Share. (Please note, I shall post the winner!)

Thank you.