Art is a gift.

art in progress

The gift season is coming. Do you know what you’re buying yet?

I’ll write a story for that particular someone and I’ll use it in a work of art. You tell me what kind of story you’d like (sweet, haunted, mysterious, action, romantic, whimsical, dark, something else). Give me names to use if you like. Choose a setting too. Fiction or non-fiction? Want something specific to happen or will you leave it up to me?

I’ll write a short story. Then I’ll cut it up and make a picture. You get both.

For a short story and tiny art–$50 (approx.5×5″). The art will be unframed and that doesn’t include shipping. You can order bigger art if you like, of course.

August only prices. Approx. 9×9″ for $100. Approx. 20×20″ for $200.

Order in time for the big day.

You don’t have to pay until you see the story draft and decide if the project works for you. And you can pay through Paypal or by check.

Here are the steps.
1. Let me know you’re interested.
2. I’ll send you questions about the type of story & art you want.*
3. You answer the questions as best you can.
4. I’ll write a rough draft and send it to you.
5. You decide if the story is right for you, send me any notes about changes you want and pay the amount we’ve agreed on (see prices above).
6. I’ll polish off the story and start the art.
7. I’ll send to art directly to you or to the person you want it sent to. (For a few dollars more, I’ll gift wrap the art.)
8. I’ll include a note explaining the piece.
9. Everyone is happy!

* You can go to this facebook note for the questions I ask for the story.

Thank you, and please pass the word along.