Get Art!

I’m making tiny art–about 4×4″ (unframed). Tiny bunnies, castles, and dragonflies. You can buy one for any amount you wish. You decide the price. $5. or $5 mill. (just a guide!). You see, Art City Austin accepted me for the spring festival, but the deadline to pay their $495. fee is the end of this month. If I don’t sell the bunnies, I will have to put them to work. Their job skills are limited (they do sleep a lot!), so selling them would be easier (and won’t muss their tails).

Well, not all the art will be bunnies. Some people don’t like bunnies. And they’re still good people.

All the art will be original, made by me, and mailed with care. Contact me at mapelba at gmail dot com. Pictured here are the pieces already made–each one is 4×4″ and spoken for. But if you like something (and more will be posted soon), I can make something new.

If you’re interested in a tiny work of art, make me a deal. Art needs a home and I need a festival. Offer ends January 30, 2010. Any money left over will go to the tent $200. And if I’m really lucky, on to frames. Pass the word around, please. Thank you!