Save an Artist (buy art)

Title: Her Sister Was Always Listening

7×15″ framed (pictured above)/$200.

Title: Some Like Us

21×21″ framed (pictured above)/$285.

Title: With Her Everywhere

9×9″ framed (pictured above)/$125.

Title: Lucky in Love

5×7″ framed (pictured above)/$65.

Title: To Pull Off a Stunt Like That

9×12″ framed (pictured above)/$130. SOLD

Title: Your Brilliant Idea

9×9″ framed (pictured above)/$150.

All the titles are taken from text in the art, which is why the title may not immediately seem to capture the scene. Also, everything here is original. There are no prints. I’m thinking about prints, but just like here on screen, you lose the texture and the layers. We’ll see. In the meantime, email me at mapelba at gmail dot com and you can use Paypal.

Title: She Could Barely Imagine

This one won’t scan. So here it is on the wall! But I love her reading there.

I can always make something new, based on an image in this post or elsewhere on the site. More images are on facebook too. Unframed things are, of course, less expensive and much easier to ship. Just ask me about it. I want people to have art and I want to make a living. Somewhere in there is room to work something out. Ask!